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Big Tree Properties is not liable for any loss of Tenant’s property. Tenants need to purchase insurance – at their own expense – sufficient to protect themselves and their property from fire, theft, burglary, breakage, electrical connections. If they fail to procure such insurance, it is their responsibility and they alone shall bear the consequences.

​​We encourage you to contact one of the following Insurance Professionals:

Friesens Insurance Brokers                Extend Insurance                               BSI Insurance                                MIG Insurance Group Ltd.
777 Norquay Drive                               309 Main Street​                                 3-955 Main Street                        725 Main Street
Winkler, MB  R6W2S2                         Winkler, MB  R6W4C2                      Winkler, MB  R6W4A4                 Winkler, MB  R6W4B3
204-325-4701​​​​​                                        204-325-7386                                    204-331-1253                                204-325-6777

                                                                                                                  630 Thornhill St
                                                                                                                  Morden, MB R6M ​1E8

                                                                                                                  67 2nd St NE
​​​​                                                                                                                  Altona, MB R0G 0B0


In order to have your damage deposit returned, you will need to have your rental unit looking just like it did the day you moved in. The expectation is that the next tenant will be able to move into the rental unit without any additional cleaning, repairs, or any other kind of work needing to be done the day after you move out.  See below for a few great tips to help you get your damage deposit back!

1. Kitchen
*clean the sink
*clean out all cupboards
*use a cutting board - cutting directly onto a counter top can scratch it and cause irreparable damage
*clean appliances and behind appliances, including inside of oven

2. Bathrooms
*Clean that toilet, inside and out!
*Clean the bathtub and or shower
*Clean the sink

3. Walls and ceilings:
*Keep walls and ceilings free from smudges, food stains, scrapes, crayons, holes (including nail and pin holes), and dents.
*All painted areas must be left clean and dust free

4. Light fixtures:
*Light fixtures need to be in the same shape as when you moved in, clean and intact.
*Make sure no light bulbs are missing or burnt out.

5. Windows and blinds:
*windows and blinds should be clean and dust free.
*check for cracked or broken windows and have them repaired.

6. Baseboards and frames:
*(see walls and ceilings)
*watch especially for chipped paint (usually from moving furniture in and out.)

7. Floors:
*sweep, vacuum and wash as applicable. Carpets will be cleaned by our carpet cleaning company and the cost deducted from your damage deposit.

8. Remove all of your belongings from the rental premises:
* this includes belongings in the yard and or garage if applicable.
*remember to clean out all cupboards and closets, and be sure to check high shelves

9. Yards, Driveways and Walkways:
*If you have been responsible for shoveling or mowing the lawn, these things should be done just before you leave the premises

10. Pay your water bill!​​

Please fill out an application with 2 landlord references. One must be your current landlord.
Inform us on the application whether you have pets and how many.​